UAE Vision 2021: Data rich and informative

The UAE Vision 2021 is a standard bearer for the hopes and aspirations of the rapidly modernising UAE. At the heart of this Drupal website are the NKPIs — National Key Performance Indicators.

The NKPI data page can be searched and filtered on the fly, and selected NKPIs can be exported as a print-ready PDF. To simplify content updates we implemented a bespoke CMS dashboard to enable bulk upload of the NKPI data.

The website is dual-language — Arabic and English — so the custom CMS modules are tightly integrated with the Drupal translation engine so the website can seamlessly flip between languages. 

During the specification phase we identified and promoted the use of preferred hosting partner Acquia as the most robust solution for this mission critical website. The Prime Minister's Office of the UAE went on to adopt this solution for the majority of their public-facing government websites. 

KOMOKO worked alongside the design team at Touchline to rapidly prototype and deliver this technically demanding project in a very tight turnaround. 

The Prime Minister's Office of the UAE are an exacting client and as a repository for ket government statistics and documentation the website was subject to a rigorous and strict sign-off process. 

The UAE Vision 2021 website is a beacon for progress and cultural advancement. 

Driving a national agenda for excellence and innovation