Red Bull Bedroom Jam

The Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition was a springboard for loads of up and coming young — and not so young! — artists both in the UK and abroad and ran for several successful years. KOMOKO was proud to be there from the very beginning and watch the action unfold over several nail-biting seasons...!!

Musicians would upload videos of their bands which would then be rated by the public. The big prize was the bedroom jam itself... The Red Bull crew would rock up and film your band playing in your own bedroom and live stream the footage via the website to the world! 

A bespoke CMS was developed to manage all the content and competition entries, as well as the video streaming integration. KOMOKO worked alongside streaming experts StreamAMG (formerly StreamUK) to deliver the live shows. Shows could be set up and scheduled via the CMS and a count-down displayed on the website for the audience waiting in eager anticipation. 


A UK-wide live streaming rock'n'roll EXTRAVAGANZA!
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