Drones for Good: A competition to drive innovation

The Drones for Good competition is a fantastic initiative by the Prime Minister's Office of the UAE to promote the positive use of drones in civil society and the public arena.

This international competition has some serious prize money attached — a cool one million dollars — and attracts crack teams of scientists and inventors from around the globe.

We delivered a solution based on the Drupal CMS. Behind the scenes is a multi-step form wizard that allows you to create and edit multiple competition entries as well as attaching team member profiles to each submission. A critical aspect was the need to store sensitive data, such as scans of identity cards or passports, so a robust encrypted private file system was used to store and retrieve sensitive data. 

A custom admin dashboard was created to allow competition adjudicators to download competition statistics and individual entries. 

You can check out the recent finalists here.


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