Academy Music Group: Supporting musical excellence across the UK

KOMOKO has been delighted to partner with Academy Music Group since 2018 to provide a full digital consultancy service. Academy Music Group is company with a bit of a rebel heart which sits perfectly with the irreverent ethos at KOMOKO. 

But when it comes to good taste, technical know-how and a flair for pulling off the impossible, we've got AMG covered... With over 20 venues across the UK (a number which is only sure to grow) the reliability of their digital touch-points is paramount. 

From front-end design — including wire-framing, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) with designs fully rendered at all key breakpoints using Sketch and delivered via InVision — through to full back-end CMS support: Complex API integrations, remote user account management, and dynamic creation of events.

We also provide full support to make sure that all physical back-end systems (i.e. the web servers) are best optimised and up-to-scratch to deliver reliable service when the traffic starts to spike. 

There are lots of exciting developments in the pipeline so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Mission critical event announcements and press releases for this leading music venue owner-operator